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Learn How To Eat In 5 Star Restaurants Take Luxury Cruises Shop In The Finest Stores
And Get Paid At The Same Time!

You probably already have a pretty good idea of what a Mystery Shopper is.  If you said, "It's a person that gets paid to secretly visit selected establishments to spy on them," ... you're half right.

     Actually, as a Mystery Shopper you do secretly visit selected establishments, but you are not there to spy on them.  You are not trying to catch them doing something wrong.  In fact, you're not even looking for something right.

     When you go into a store, restaurant, theme park, or on a cruise ship - or any business that values their customers, you are there for only one reason ... to evaluate your experience.

     Okay, then why all the secrecy?  Well, look at it this way.  Do you think you would get the same service and treatment from a salesperson who knew you were there to evaluate him or her?   Chances are you wouldn't.

     We both know you'd probably get the "Red Carpet" treatment.  Your objective is to go into a store and be treated as any other "everyday customer".  Thus the secrecy.