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Poetry Selections From "Lines Of Love And Resolution" by J. Carlton Ross



The tantalizing scent of a single rose
Oh, how it conjures fancies and such
Its gentle fragrance,
a faint remembrance
of a once favored, intimate touch
Only another distant flower knows

Each thorn spurs an urgent tremor
as if, a tender, pleading hint
Deeply silent cheers,
muffle latent tears
enfolded in swirls of vibrant tint
Through the seasons it endures

Melancholy caresses of a velvety petal
never fail to stir a suggestive mind
A long ago Summer day,
your certain way
Cherished moments lost in misty time
Where the dew has yet to settle....





I'm sick of hearing Love Songs
airwaves full of fluff
so many meaningless Love Songs
I believe I've had enough
Can't anyone fashion
a song evoking passion
without getting sentimental
so trivial and dull
a ballad to how much I Love You
and, just leave it at that?

I'm sick of sad, sad Love Songs
airwaves full of tears
sorrowful, moody Love Songs
for once, I'd like to hear
Lyrics that dare
to tell I really care
without sounding heartsick
while crying in their beer
Verses genuine as I Love You
and, leave it at that!



Does anyone write simple Love Songs?
Airwaves full of heartfelt tunes
There are far to many vague Love Songs
and I'm tired of feeling blue
Orchestrated tunes to make us feel again
scored in a rising crescendo of a different vein
rhythms so damn intense
harmonies drenched in sweet romance
Can anyone sing out, I Love You
and, simply leave it at that?





Is there no one to compose a Love Song?
Airwaves full of delight
Haunting, unforgettable Love Songs
melodies to take us to new heights
Played with more than an incessant beat
that move far more than clumsy feet
Stirring chords lending inspiration
with notes resounding deep emotion
Love Songs expressing, simply, that I Love You
and, let it go at that? 

©Copyright 1997 John Sanchez


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