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Poetry Selections From "Lines Of Love And Resolution" by J. Carlton Ross




Through the years
seems I'm the kind of person
who brings on your tears
Yet, time renews, contraire to reason

What about you most endears
not the heartaches, I've caused untold
It's your spirit through veils of tears
enduring, until seasons took hold

My faults are multiple
my attributes, sometime suspect
Your guiding words always full
for that, you forever gain my respect

If love is minds meeting in empathy
I've tried my best to reciprocate
You've always meant the most to me
you do have my gratitude,
albeit, I'm late....










Conclusions, some say
must have their way
reason is found by this route
But, not without a bout
t'ween opposing emotions
Tinker Toys, to extraordinary notions

I often ponder
on things, I just wonder
of this there's little doubt
The answer I tout
no sense complaining about
it's funny the way things work out

Take any suggestion
weighed against any question
in themselves, they can do you no harm
So don't buy the Farm
nor give up those dreams
It's not always quite what it seems

Remember, beads of perspiration
fuel many an inspiration
So keep right on burning brain cells
Answers will gel
in what your genius can conceive
If you're determined to succeed

So next, while you ponder
lost in awe, yes, in wonder
of all in creation that's Heaven
Wisdom's added leaven
to the bread of resolution
on the table of promised solution



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Sloth, sluggishly infecting all
minds decaying due to idleness
Empires too, they must fall
glory halted, by sheer laziness

Anger, raging out of control
his heated temper, murder and maim
Conscience endures an awesome toll
he who lives by sword, suffers same

Together, they form a most formidable horde
laying all in their path to waste
Virtue, it's said, is its own reward
as opposed to a soul lost in haste 

Therefore, timid souls are given warning 
To arm with both Faith and Love
Else be lost to eternal mourning
Sin, is paid on Earth, not in Heaven above








A Statement, pure and simple
utter nonsense, constant riddle
Elocution flames to kindle
tedious charades, endless spittle

a Statement, sound advice
petty banter, verbal prattle
Civil tidings set to entice
published as incessant rattle

A Statement taken to the bank
deceitful lectures, verbose debates
Backrooms smoking, odorous rank
grafters seek to seal our fates

A Statement, rehearsed recital
stages as drama, tragic brief
Shrouded under patriotic title
distorted statute, judicial thief

a Statement, never too late
bulging purses, fattened cases
Memories bungled Watergate
candidates stump perpetual races

A Statement of clear conscience
regional conflicts foretell Armageddon
Antiquity reduced to penitence
plunge us into creation head-on

A Statement to Kismet
jaded electorate, ticket greed
Capitol chamber out to let
adolescence gone to seed




Seven, hellish warriors
lead the most deadly of assaults
roots of sin their guiding scepter
poised to strike mans weakest faults

Virtue, guards the gates
of mans immortal soul
Forever and a day, she waits
Justice in her grasp, she holds

Pride, leading his reflective shield
overcome by his own figure
His name in vain, he haughtily wields
lest he, be his only believer

Covetousness, that mercenary loner
Gods possessions her soul desire
Herself as rightful owner
in end, all burns on Earthly pyre

Lust, advances, rudely leering
spurred by hunger, an all consuming fire
His enormous cup never quite filling
spilling over with insatiable desire

Gluttony, that comic spirited inebriate
voracious appetites for forbidden fruit
An unquenchable thirst, he will suffocate
self esteem, his pirated loot

Envy, that sly, green-eyed fiend
Truths most constant rival
Once pious hearts, twisted mean
devoured at ones own table








John Sanchez
Copyright 1995 

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