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Press Releases

1.  Know who to send it to, not just where. Find out who the editor or reporter is for the section you want your release to appear in. Include their name on the release, not just the envelope.

2. Only send the release to one person per news outlet. Any problems that develop, from duplicate coverage and effort, will be blamed on you.

3. Don't just send, call. If you want your release covered, (And you know you do.) Call the person before sending the release, and call a couple days later to make sure they received it.

4. Timing is everything. Don't fax a release out the day before an event and expect it to receive coverage. Give the maximum possible amount of time for the news outlet to decide how they want to cover the story. If you feel the event is so far in the distance that they might forget about it, then simply send another release as the time for the item draws nearer.

5. Know your deadlines. Magazines, even weekly ones, are often planned months in advance. Seasonal events, such as Christmas and Easter, are great examples of this. For calendar items, know when the news outlet's deadline for the section is.

6. Keep it short and informative. Reporters and editors are notoriously busy. Most press releases should be kept to one page.  Two is acceptable. If they want more information, they'll ask. 

7. Write it in a news style. That means putting the prime information (Who, where, what, and when) into the lead (first paragraph). It also means keeping the sales pitch subtle. No exclamation points!!! Many papers will directly reprint a press release, as long as it is written in a professional news style. Use short words and sentences. Make sure what you're saying is very clear.


John Hewitt is a professional technical writer who works mainly in the field of computers, although he has also written in the medical and legal arena. He is also the curator and webmaster of the Writer's Resource Center.



Now that you can write your own professional release, be sure that it is accepted and read by the top 4500 press establishments. 



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