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 J. Carlton Ross



How to self publish your book of any genre in e-book format using our software and Authors Web Design, Tips and Resources and market it on and off the web



Oh, The Joys Of Self-Publishing! 


The World Of Writing and Publishing is in a ever change state of flux yet the opportunities represented by a new medium such as the Internet are immense. The bottom line is remember what your primary motivation for writing a particular piece was and you'll save yourself a lot of disappointment if things don't work out. 

The Joy of Self Publishing is sometimes just the fact that you know you accomplished something. Writing anything down on paper let alone getting published is no mere task and you owe yourself a slap on the back for your perseverance and guts. 

I've compiled some handy tips and info for aspiring writers so follow the links on the following pages. Please feel free to email me with any information you might think will help others. That's What This Site Is All About!

Now, the Reality of Self Publishing....

  1. Your Relatives And Friends Won't Read Your Work

  2. You'll End Up With A Garage Full Of Books

  3. You Won't Make A Dime And You Will Have To Move Into A Shack

  4. You Will Hide When Your Spouse Brings In The Mail

Unfortunately, there are many realities about Self Publishing Authors don't want to face. Why do you think Self Publishing is characterized as "Vanity Press"? The actual work of writing your manuscript is sometimes the easy part when it comes to getting published. If you want to be truly successful at Self Publishing your manuscript and not just a vanity author, you must then work some more. 

Don't get me wrong....I am not trying to discourage you. I have been there....done that. I am providing these pages to help you become a success on any degree and to hopefully help you from making some of the mistakes I've made publishing and trying to sell my work.




So here goes: First some do's

Do send your manuscript to as many agents and publishers as you can even if you plan to self publish

Do your homework and investigate anyone you plan on having edit, print, distribute, sell or represent your work for a fee.

Do the copyright in your name first. This is a must. If the copyright is not in your name you don't own any of the Author's Rights listed on these pages.

Do buy your own ISBN #. This is very...very important if you plan to sell and distribute your book on your own. (Mainstream Book Stores order inventory from two warehouses primarily to cut down on invoices and for inventory control. Your book's ISBN must be in the Publishers name in order to be listed in these warehouses' databanks. If your printer or vanity publisher procures an ISBN # in his name and you try to submit your book to these warehouses under your name you will be rejected. If this happens, ask the printer or vanity publisher to write a letter releasing the ISBN# back to you. After all you most likely paid for it in the fee he charged for his services)

Now some Don'ts:

Don't pay a Reading Fee (Legitimate Company's do not charge to read a piece they are evaluating)

Don't pay someone to print your book if they are not the actual Printer. Anyone can hire a printer. Check out local companies as well as national firms for costs

Don't let anyone copyright or procure a ISBN# for your manuscript if you plan on selling and distributing the work yourself. If you do make sure you have a contract reverting the copyright or ISBN# back to you in the eventuality of a split in business relations. Make sure the contract spells out responsibilities for distributing or selling any Author's Rights separately or inclusive of the agreement or contract. See your Lawyer

Don't assume anything. Get it in writing and have your Lawyer peruse any agreements or contracts to insure your Rights.

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