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    Online Publishing


SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America)

     Executive Director

     SFWA, Inc.

     P.O. Box 171

     Unity, Maine 04988-0171


Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer's Sourcebook (2nd ed.), edited by David H. Borcherding

Current Novel and Short Story Writer's Market

 Current Writer's Market

 Current Literary Market Place  


 Avon Books 

                  How do I submit my manuscript to Avon Books?

                Due to the overwhelming volume of submissions we receive, Avon Books is no  longer able to accept unsolicited manuscripts. We will, however, accept query   letters. We ask that you send us a one to two page letter describing your book and including, if applicable, an outline or a writing sample.


                Please address your proposal to:


                     Avon Editorial / Submissions

                     Avon Books

                     1350 Avenue of the Americas

                     New York, NY 10019


               Be sure to enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope for our response.

                 Please note that it generally takes several months for us to make a decision on a proposal, and we are unable to accept telephone inquiries about individual submissions.  


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