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The Lebensborn Virus 

by J. Carlton Ross

"They're At It Again!

It's The Same Idea That Threatened The World Decades Ago Only This Time With Modern Technology!  Prod#003   SF/Action/Adventure Published by J. Carlton Ross Publications, 535 Sierra Vista Dr. #32 Las Vegas, NV 89109 ©1999 John R. Sanchez All Rights Reserved    



File information on The Lebensborn Virus E-book: The Lebensborn Virus is an e-book compiled by John R. Sanchez using Activ-ebook 4.01. The book is viewed best in Internet Explorer or Comparable Browser (V4 + 800/600 min. resolution (1024/768 best) Full Color) 

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Lebensborn Virus E-book by J. Carlton Ross #002 The Lebensborn Virus

By J. Carlton Ross

Compiled Ebook

$9.00 US exe/1.3K
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win95/98 2000 XP 300+ Processor

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