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The Lebensborn Virus

by J. Carlton Ross

"They're At It Again!

It's The Same Idea That Threatened The World Decades Ago Only This Time With Modern Technology!

 Prod#002 $9.00US SF/Action/Adventure






The Lebensborn Virus, a novel from J. Carlton Ross, is a tale set in the not so distant future, where chances are, anything can, and will happen. Where lessons that go unlearned surely repeat; a long held truism, too long ignored.

  Satirically and metaphorically rooted in the present, The Lebensborn Virus, plays out through the experiences of a young man, Billy Washburn, a ward of the bureaucratic Justice System, and his quest for meaning in his life.

  From the death of his parents when he is orphaned into the care of a IED Boy’s Town to when the story opens, Billy finds himself relegated to a mundane existence, segregated from society serving a term of ‘Home Confinement’; forced to work for a corrupt bureaucrat, Solomon Augustus Wormer, as a private computer hacker.

  With time on his hands, Billy has learned how to hack into any existing data base for his supervisor’s ulterior motives. His hope is to one day gain his freedom, and the opportunity to reintegrate into the larger society. That hope; however distant and futile it may seem, is the sole motivation of Billy’s daily affairs.

  While Billy’s expertise with the inner workings of computers he hopes to trade for his freedom is without question bordering on genius, it also is a valuable commodity within the subterranean world of red tape and regulations underlying government service, where power is the ability to control perception and unfortunately, as such, works as much against those very prospects.

  Facing many forces, not the least of which is his relationship with Sol, having to depend on his good-will; one day, out of frustration, Billy escapes his life of confinement upon meeting a strange and compelling, old Outlaw, Reggie Gleason. Reggie proves to not only be Billy’s avenue of escape, but also, shows him in real terms, a new direction for his life to take.

  Further complicating matters is Billy’s own impulsive nature. Curious, naïve and stubborn, Billy stumbles upon an antique computer which he employs to procure a new lifestyle for himself and Reggie’s family of Homeless People; successors to the role of gypsies set against the structured society they inhabit the fringes of. Unknown to Billy, his procurement activities bring him to the attention of the authorities—namely, Solomon Augustus Wormer; but, not for his apparent illegal activities.

       Along with the antique computer, Billy also discovers a set of discs he eventually hacks into, discovering in the process, the identity of the infamous INTERFUSOR; a computer terrorist who mysteriously disappeared after wreaking havoc on modern society with his many disrupter viruses. Including, the use of a Nuclear Electro-Magnetic Pulse Device he employed to fuse the components of every computer in existence throwing civilization into a technological catastrophe until a chance discovery destined to change the direction of technology forever.

       ‘PEPTICON’, a genetically synthesized re-combination of human protein and silicon, possesses one drawback conversely an attribute toward its future potential. Strangely, Pepticon contains the spark of life which scientists have not been able to explain or replicate. While lending itself to many astounding applications; especially in computer technology, robotics and genetics based on its protein/silicon atomic structure, it holds the promise as well as danger of changing human life as we know it.

       Compounding the situation, Billy learns of the INTERFUSOR’s scheme to manipulate the DNA in pepticon through a process of his own whereby he planned to upload the persona of Hitler onto the circuits of the worlds most advanced artificially intelligent Androclone-computer robots  in order to gain control of the world’s economy bringing about the installation of his dreamed of, ‘Holy Empire’.

       Billy is naïve enough to think he can use the method to upload the DNA of an altruistic persona instead, therein saving the world from perceived destruction. Little does Billy suspect, Sol harbors plans of his own; envisioning himself as the future ruler of the NEW IMPERIUM and is desperately seeking the discs, so as, he can implement the INTERFUSER’s scheme with himself at the helm. Sol is a dangerously ambitious, highly capable man convinced it is his destiny to rule the world. Philosophically opposite to Billy’s newfound mentor Reggie, who believes the world impelled by ‘CHANCE’; both men are driven by their distinct and conflicting definition and application of ‘WILL’; leaving Billy to form his own opinion.

       Innocently thrust into the middle of Sol’s insidious plan, while Billy is away, the Family suffers dearly by his ruthless hand when, under pretext, the Compound is burned to the ground massacring the family while the love of Billy’s new life, Anisia, is taken hostage. On Billy’s return, he finds Reggie alone amid the devastation, left to deliver Sol’s ominous ultimatum: “Return the discs and DNA specimen, or never see your beloved Anisia alive again!”.

       Working late into the night on his computer, Billy hatches a secret plan enabling him to gain Anisia’s release and subsequent flight to Tahiti along with Reggie, while he in turn, becomes Sol’s captive. Held in Sol’s bunker, Billy fears for his life and, the prospect of never seeing his beloved Anisia again. Further, Billy watches as Sol’s minions carry out his plan—a conspiracy involving members entrenched in every facet of world society in a CYBER-WAR through which the induction of the professors lebensborn virus onto the computer systems of the world renders the world utterly defenseless against the onslaught of Sol’s Imperium Party takeover.

       By chance, Billy escapes Sol’s clutches in a short but sweet battle with Sol’s security men; uploads a mysterious virus of his own and hijacks a jet to Tahiti to join Anisia and Reggie. Meanwhile, Reggie is at wits end dealing with a distraught and hysterical Anisia; that is, until the old-fashion telephone rings. The next Reggie finds, he is in route to a fabulous mansion overlooking the ocean to meet with Billy. This incredulous scenario incites Reggie’s paranoia. Suspecting a trap or, worse yet, fearing Billy might have sold out to Sol, his emotion is only held at bay by an overwhelming curiosity and faith in Billy’s character.

       Nevertheless, upon meeting, Reggie confronts Billy. Taken aback by Reggie’s insinuation, Billy is compelled to explain.

       When working on his scheme to upload an altruistic persona onto the CRAY-EQUINOX I computer; Billy explains, he had been aided by a young boy, who by chance happened to be an idiot-savant; his genius, mathematical calculation. Exploiting this attribute, Billy was able to crack the codes allowing access into the INTERFUSER’s discs. While hard at work one day on the codes with an uncooperative Jimmy, Billy made a chance observation concerning Jimmy possessing a character of unique ‘WILL’, unfettered by ego. You could not compel Jimmy against his Will.

       With that in mind, when trying to formulate a plan of rescue while, at the same time, stopping Sol’s insane plot, it occurs to Billy to take a chance by mixing the DNA of another idiot-savant in with the specimen containing Hitler’s DNA. Billy then delivers this concoction to Sol. His hope is, the idiot-savant persona will eventually emerge and supplant the Hitler persona due to an intrinsic and, therefore, stronger willed affinity with the logic and math inherent in computer technology. As a back-up to his precarious plan, Billy employs a logic bomb as incentive to animate the idiot-savant persona.

       Sitting in beach chairs with the ocean lapping at their feet, Reggie and Anisia witness via Satellite News Network the results of Billy’s efforts when the Cray-Wormer System is disrupted culminating in the collapse of the NEW IMPERIUM as Sol and his cohorts are arrested by citizen groups thereby restoring the world to democracy.

       Concluding his explanation to the flabbergasted Anisia and Reggie his plan was inspired by Reggie‘s philosophy of ‘CHANCE’, Billy verbalizes it in an old, familiar idiom: “Chances are, where there’s a Will----there’s a way!”.


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