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Rebrand Program


Pick the ebook exe file and its corresponding rebrander exe file and download them to your computer. Make sure they are stored in the same folder. Go to the Active e-book website and download Active E-book Compiler if you don't already have it on your computer.  After visiting Active Ebook Web Site go to the Click Bank Web Site and sign up as an affiliate. 

You are now ready to make your EbookNovels Rebranded E-book. Click on the rebrander exe file and make sure it is in the same folder as the ebook.exe file. (do not run the e-book at the same time) and customize it with your Click Bank Code information. 

After you've customized the ebook using the rebrander, you can offer it for sale on your website. Allow your customers to download the ebook exe file you have customized only and not the rebrander.exe. When the customer clicks on the buy password link and purchases the key, you're affiliate code will be credited with the sale.



After Your Download The Files Below, Make A Note Of The Number After The Name Of The ebook exe file. For example: ghostshirtsnovel(3).exe. Fill Out The Form Below With The Proper Information. Click Here For Affiliate Join Up Form

Ghost Shirts E-book

Ghost Shirts Rebrander



Lebensborn Virus E-book

Lebensborn Virus Rebrander



Affiliate Information

Please do not use this form for pathetic advertising attempts proving what an inept businessperson you really are.

Submit your affiliate information below:

Please provide the following contact information:

Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code
Work Phone

Enter your complete Website Url in the space provided below.

Enter your affiliate code in the space provided below.

Select which e-book and rebrander you have chosen to sell::

Ghost Shirts E-book      Ghost Shirts Rebrander 
  Lebensborn Virus E-book  Lebensborn Rebrander   

Select any of the following options:

EbookNovels Ezine  Opt-in Email       

Enter the date:(00/00/00

Enter the number of the e-book you downloaded into the space provided below.  (Example)ghostshirtnovel(9).exe {Number 1-10}

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