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Poetry Selections From "Lines Of Love And Resolution" by J. Carlton Ross


Khaki star android, outsiders faithful friend
bloods thicker, squeaky wheels get grease
Chromosome Y left on your own to fend
could denote the credo of the Beast

Pipedream Princess, sleeping over a priggish pea
a self-righteous manner, I simply won't appease
Tipsy on a condescending, rather regal cup of tea
could comprise the psyche of the Beast

Spirit interred in Pluto's boundless pit
forever fermenting in mendacious yeast
Suckled on green-eyed sins own tit
could be it's the nature of the Beast

Unto Caesar, feigned as a loyal heart
coward's last refuge, hidden amongst the deceased
As a janus faced role enacting a speaking part
could be the conscience of the Beast


Short memories, painted matriarchal past
inducement rooted in a much saner peace
Pompous opinion worthy of a burlesque mask
could be seen as the motive of the Beast

Son Cain, blood relative's cannibalistic foe
casts aspersions to character not in the least
Sibling's shriveled seed can never he sow
could be culled come the season of the Beast

Just keep others furthest from mind
unless there's some sort of lease
Natural born prodigy, borrow don't lend
could add to the bottom line of the Beast

Devil's advocate, a mere pretense to empathy
foul speech best kept on a longer leash
Rude awakening ahead, extracting a solitary fee
could be the vanity of the Beast

Femininity expressed in innocuous guile
more solicitation, made to a wanton feast
Mere strategy laid down by seductive wile
could be the beauty of the Beast




Was that you
whispered sigh
snarled branches
way on high
Is that I?

Is that you
pit pat, pit pat,
distant rain to be
echoes center breast
Is that I?


It must be you
rustled growl
shoots of slender grasses
underfoot, herein bowels
or, is that I?




I ride Temptation's Serpent
for everything it's worth
Yes, I am the one sent
predestined ere my simple birth

I face down the hideous Gorgon
nay, and won't be turned to stone
With the coming of a new days dawn
still my name shall not be known

I shall never rule aside the Beast
neither will I bend knee in Beulah
I will live my life, at least
with no omnipotent as its ruler

I sit astride the mythical Dragon
breathing fire 'tween Heaven and Hell
No, I am not his long lost Son
nor have I soul to sell

I have rode hard, countless Creatures
none have proven my defeat
No thought of another, regarded Sir
neither will I anoint their feet


I was born akin to lethal Viper
to remain intrinsically wild
Never to be a tame or groveling cur
no babbler will I "Seig Heil"


I sit well the many headed Hydra
deep into the scurrilous Inferno
To tell tales of what I saw
once I matched the hidden foe

I make no lame, no tired excuses
from me, no whine of complaints
No need for me any feeble ruses
have no use for scheming Saints

I storm the raging Whirlwind
finding pleasure where she stray
My life I'll not concede as Sin
no matter what hypocrites may bray

A Man cannot serve two Masters
lest he be slave to one
I'll not kowtow to any bastard
now, or when this life is done

In my veins flow a Barbarian Bloodline
inherited at such an awesome price
The World will ever beget my kind
to battle hordes of mundane mice




©1997 J. Carlton Ross All Rights Reserved

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