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Poetry Selections From "Lines Of Love And Resolution" by J. Carlton Ross



Once again, ever dreaming
always of you, Dearest Phoebe
Alone in my distance, leaning
into past whence we first met
Loveliness in my mind, set
   my precious, Unforgettable Phoebe

Forever yearning spurs my dreaming
mesmerized by you, Beguiling Phoebe
Emotion swells, aspire to ascribe,
ardor, mere words beyond describe
Impossible as it may be, I must try
innate beauty, I plea tongue tied
  so exquisite you are, Cherished Phoebe

 I find myself dreaming, dreaming
ever of you, Mystical Phoebe
Huntress in silver moonlight aglow
sister to prophetic Sun, Apollo
Enchantress of Man's desire
Exalted above all sacrificial fire
  Olympus worships you, Adored Phoebe

Spell gives rise to primeval dreaming
woven of you, Mystical Phoebe
Fakirs in your Oracle, crumble to dust
in antiquities handed down to us
Praise set forth, penned to laud ye
Deity, her heiress, you embody
  a Goddess such as you, Eternal Phoebe

Oer, ever, endless dreaming
yes of you, Ambrosial Phoebe
Sensuous, lissome figure, teeming
fervor, as yet uncovered rapture
Silhouettes of us thus captured
If only you and I could be
 entwined forever, Shining Phoebe


If you were but mine, I could fly
oer' rainbows hind your starry eyes
Gliding on currents, golden flowing tresses
celestially impelled, sweet winged embraces
If you could only need me
as I you, Divine Phoebe

for Phoebe Conway  



Tina my dear,
oh, how I long to hear
My contentment you see depends
On whether we be friends
(or I your one, your only other)
We two, yes, Timeless lovers

Tina, you see,
you're everything to me
an aspirant to faithful friend
For as I pen these lines I do declare
(no my love is not a budding infatuation)
I regard you with utter fascination

Tina, I say
I'm yours either way
if I must as, obedient friend
Ever eager to selfishly contend
(as for me there can be no other)
My self, I offer, as a most hopeful lover

Tina, my dear
please tell me, tell me, do
Am I to be your endless flame
or spend my life in vacuous same
(a raging fever near to your tethered fire)
never spent kindling, my pent up desire

John R. Sanchez



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©Copyright 1995 John R. Sanchez

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